The History of Mildred Baptist Church

In 1924 a tent revival started Mildred Missionary Baptist Church. In 1931 the church was disbanded due to the discovery of new oil fields causing a decline in membership. In 1934 First Baptist Church of Corsicana established Mildred Mission in “the old school” building located on what is now SE CR 3010, the same building used by the earlier church. In 1936, Mildred Mission was reorganized becoming Mildred Baptist Church. A new church building was built at the present location on Highway 287 on land granted the church by the Cerf family for as long as Mildred Baptist Church is in existence. Plans for a new building were adopted and work began in 1937 continuing until completion in 1943.

The Original Church - Mildred BaptistThe original building.

In 1938 a revival was held inside the walls of the new structure. In the 1950’s a building was added to house a fellowship hall, kitchen, restrooms and Sunday School rooms.


In the late 1960s and early 70s renovations were made to the main building. During this time a house next door to the church was demolished. A new mobile home was purchased and placed next to the church to serve as the parsonage. In the 80’s a new brick parsonage was constructed on this site and a new building was added behind the church to house a fellowship hall, kitchen and classrooms. In 1990 an organ donated by Rose Rash was added to the sanctuary instruments to enhance the worship service. In the mid-90s the church purchased a second-hand parlor baby grand piano for the sanctuary. Also in the 90’s the church was torn down and a new sanctuary with the capacity for 250 worshipers and classrooms were added. This was made possible by the acquisition of more land around the original land grant. During the time of construction, worship services were held in the fellowship hall. Volunteer Christian Builder did the framing, sheet rocking and other work. They came from all over Texas to help build our church and many of them from Shady Oaks Baptist in Hurst. In 1997 the dedication and celebration of the new worship center took place. At this time an organ was donated by Jack Butler for the new sanctuary.

Mildred Activity Center - "Big MAC"In 2000 work was completed on the Mildred Activity Center which included new classroom space, a kitchen and a gym behind the main building. In October 2007 the note on the Mildred Activity Center building was paid off early after a glorious one day ingathering offering.



In 2007 a new digital keyboard was purchased by the church to replace the donated organ.

God’s blessings continue in Mildred Baptist church.  Listed below are the present and past staff and volunteers who were either a minister, deacon or musician.

Mildred Baptist Pastors
Name Year(s) Current Status
Tony Neal
1987 to Now
Currently our Pastor
Brent Causey
U.S. Forces - Afghanistan Command Chaplain
Marcus Sheffield
Pastor, First Baptist Church, Mexia, Texas
Terry Aycock
Courier for Federal Express
Steve Russell
Regional V.P.for A.L. Williams Life Insurance
Don Cole
Missionary to Brazil
Danny Biddy
Pastor, Old River Baptist Church, Mt. Belevue, TX
Wilson Tatum
Missionary to Amman, Jordan, retired lives in Frost, TX
Gary Loudermilk
Pastor, First Baptist Church, Flower Mound, TX
Kelly Grubbs
Verle Henderson
Director of Missions & Evangelism, Hawaii
Leslie L. Mills
Pastor, Hibbard Memorial Baptist Church, Houston, TX
Murphey Terry
Associate. Director, South and South West Asia Foreign Mission Board
A.T. Ilseng
Robert C. Reeves
Gerald Williamson
Associate Area Director of Missions
Talmadge Smith
Gerald Marsh, Dr.
Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Christian Ministries at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Two Star General, Air Force Reserves, Chaplaincy
Frank McWhirter
Bill Perdue
Pastor, Baptist Temple, San Antonio, TX, Leader in the Texas Baptist Convention
Rang Morgan
Interim Pastor, Diamond Hill Baptist, Ft. Worth, TX
J.D. Bradley
Involved in nursing home and trailer camp ministries
Walker Eathen
Howard J. Ford
C.O. Estes 
Pastor in Sterling City, TX
W.L. Tubbs
Pastor in Saratoga, TX
Jimmy Morgan
Pastor when Mildred Baptist Church was organized as a church.  Radio Evangelist for 24 stations, over 11 states.
E.M. Snyder

In the early years of Mildred Baptist Church there were periods when the serving pastor and his wife also served as music and/or youth directors.  Throughout the years the choirs of the church have performed special musicals during the Easter and Christmas seasons. These musicals used the special talents of choir members to bring God’s message in song and bring glory to God. In the early and mid- 70s, the youth choir also presented musicals during the summer. Several of these programs were performed at various churches in addition to Mildred Baptist Church.

Wayne Spoonts---music and education (currently in this position)
Byron Ayers---youth (currently in this position)

(previous leaders and their position)
David Bolin---music
Michael Farnsworth---music and youth
Jonathan Tripp---youth
Bradley Boyte---music
Ben Griffin---music
Richard Davidson---music
Danny Jones---music
Jerry Nelson---music
Byron Ayers---youth (first time)
Don Tyra---youth
John St. Leger---youth
Kent Burgess---music and youth
Marcus Sheffield---music and youth
Collin Colburn---music
Benny Horn---music
Gary Kinman---music
Glenn Allen---music
Steve Colburn---music
Jim Bob Farmer---music
Barbara Cole---music
Kyle Pritchett---music
Kyle Byrd---music
Ronald Smith---music
Enos Hutson---music
Larry Myers---music and youth
Bill McNair---music
Fred Rhodes---Youth
Johnnie Goodwin---Youth


Until 1979 it was the custom for the pastor’s wife to serve as musician if needed.

Rose Rash  1979-present
Amy Cook   2002-present
Tracy Folmar
Regina Casida
Brenda Aycock
Becky Russell
Sharon Cole
Dana Biddy
Cheryl Tatum
Mary Loudermilk
Opal Hutson
Virgie Allen
Annie Williamson


Jim Allen
Michael Cook
Michael Robinson
Kenny Folmar
Robert Singleton
Johnny Wright
Leon Atkinson
Bunk Bottoms
Richard Rash
Van Bottoms---inactive
Rick Rash---inactive
David Odom---moved
Bunk Bottoms—inactive
Richard Rash----inactive
Buddy Smith---inactive
Cliff Tew---inactive
Carlos Thomas---deceased
Brown Jones---deceased
Jack Pierce, Dr.---retired
Billy Joe Allen---deceased
Danny Jones---deceased
Enos Hutson---deceased
Tom Green---deceased
L.F. Buck---deceased
C.W. (Connie) Johnson---deceased
Roy Graham---deceased
Hershel Boyd---deceased
Bill Wolfenberger---deceased
Will Henderson---deceased
Bob Martin---deceased
Jerry Nelson---moved
Bubba Clements---moved
Will Kent---moved